Subject: RE: Introduction - New member in Toronto
Hi Gail,

Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to being a Ziner.

Ah yes, Cape Trib on New Year's Eve.. It was a bit extreme - heart of darkness, apocalypse now kind of stuff. It has to be tamer now otherwise someone would have burned the place down. We went to bed before they started throwing furniture into the pool. Beware free-ranging peacocks and casouaries.

The highlight though was the next day when we managed to get up in time for a guided tour of the local rainforest, one of the last pockets left in Oz. Given by a fascinating local who owned the adjoining property-wish I could remember his name to pass it on. Learned to avoid 'wait-a-while', a thorny vine with velcro clinginess and barbed wire texture. You 'wait a while' before disentangling yourself or leave skin behind.

Would go back.