Subject: Re: PDA'S

i have been using a pda for the last year and a half and have completely hooked on my handy gadget and it is either with me in my handbag/back pack, my desk or by my bedside at night. i researched different models and brands for several months before i purchased my first handspring visor, which was a black and white model, and a year ago i upgraded to a sony clie 615, which is a color,high resolution model. i had read many reviews and visited several websites and joined two forums just to understand the differences and benefits of listed features.

i live in israel and travel to new york and then minneapolis several times a year to visit the grandchildren and i have memos for each airport with importants notes about the airport, favored seats on the planes that i fly, and any other pertinent information. i have several novels downloaded from the internet that i carry with me, and that reduces the amount of reading material that i need, and from a proud grammy i have a slide show of the babies to show all interested parties.

i would suggest that you visit a computer store such as compusa, best buy , or circuit city, and hold and play with some of the pda's and also visit some pda websites. some of them are general for palm operating system users, and others are for specific models. if you write me off list i will be happy to note some of the sites that i visit. since you are using a computer, i would assume that you understand how complicated a computer can be. a pda can be as simple or as complicated as you desire.