Subject: Re: Oaxaca transportation
Hi Barry and Denise,

Our last time there we visited Monte Alban using Autobuses Turisticos which operated out of the Hotel Rivera at Mina #15 (three blocks south of the zócalo). The cost was 12 pesos (about $1.75 at the time, 1998). The bus left the hotel at 3:30pm and returned from the ruins at 6:00pm giving us plenty of time to explore the grounds, admire the view, and even have a refreshment. I'm sure they run buses earlier in the day as well.

Our group of six hired a driver for a day trip in which we visited Santa Maria del Tule, Tlacochahuaya, Hierve el Agua, Mitla, and Teotitlán. His name was Jorge Arturo Herrera and he worked for Turismo Panorámico de Oaxaca at Av. Independencia #308 (two blocks north of the zócalo). His mother, Simón Herrera Mier was the assistant manager for the agency. At the time their e-mail addresses were: for the agency and for Jorge. He was a very nice young man and we were quite pleased with his services.

Additionally, you'll find the tourist information office at the corner of Av. Independencia and Garcia Vigil just across the street from the Alameda.

Have a good time.

John in San Diego