Subject: Don't Miss South America
Hi Fellow Ziners:

When you're looking for a destination that hasn't become all that familiar to Americans, don't overlook South America.

This is a very good time for us to go - economically. On a trip in March, we visited Buenos Aires and did the usual, but interesting, touristy things, then went to Iguazu Falls visiting first the Argentina side, then the Brazil side. You'll need a visa in advance for Brazil - about $100. Our last stop was Rio.

Here's a very short run-down: Buenos Aires - beautiful city, offering wonderful meals for next to nothing, really nice hotels, great shopping. Sightseeing for us included the Coast train, water-bus tour on the Parana River, to an island where we had lunch outdoors; a full day to a Gaucho BBQ and rodeo show; a wonderful Tango show and dinner. Some in our group went over to Colonia, Uruguay for a day trip.

Iguazu Falls - we only stayed 2 days here and would have enjoyed one more day to see the town on the Brazil side. We didn't have any time to shop ! We saw the waterfalls - spectacular from both countries, then we took the boat ride up to the falls, which no one should miss. There was a visit to a colorful Bird Sanctuary, and a dinner and good show. The hotel was beautiful, meals again, were very reasonable (3 course dinner at the hotel for $10.00). Rio de Janeiro - Visited the statue of Christ at Corcovado, rode the gondola up to SugarLoaf mountain, lots of free time to shop for Brazillian gemstones. Meals were very inexpensive - lunch for $3, dinner could be $3 - $10. The buffet dinner in the hotel was $10. Amazing prices.

Best of all, nobody had jetlag, because you fly north-south.