Subject: Re: Long Beach - Vancouver Island
Hi Lesley, It has been a couple of weeks since you posted with a request for information about Long Beach; I just noticed your post today. Hope it isn't too late for me to offer some ideas! Long Beach is between two little villages, Tofino and Ucluelet, both of which have lots of good accomodations. We always stay at a rather grotty motel, the Dolphin, near Tofino, because they take animals, and we love to travel with our dog. The Dolphin is just across the highway from Mackenzie Beach and the fabulous (and expensive) Wickeninish Inn. The Wickeninish is a good place to go for lunch, unless your budget can afford their hefty dinner prices. A fairly new place, the Long Beach Inn, (I think it is called), has excellent food, and is just a few miles south of the Wickeninish. Both Ucluelet and Tofino have some great little cafes for lunch or dinner (memory fails me here, but I think one is called the Rain Forest, in Tofino, and another is the Blueberry Cafe in Ucluelet). Do take a walk on the Pacific Rim Trail, (Ucluelet end of the Beach), and get a ride on a motor boat to Hot Springs Cove (Tofino end). The less expensive way to get out to the cove is to arrange a ride with the First Nations water taxi which goes daily to their Motel on the opposite side of the Cove from the Hot Springs. Just go to the wharf in Tofino the day before you want to reserve a ride and make the arrangement. You might want to stay at the First Nations Motel! It is very clean, attractive and new, and convenient to the Hot Springs. Your ride out there would be included in your daily rate (which is quite reasonable). For more information, just do a websearch for Long Beach, or Tofino or Ucluelet, and you will find links to many resources! Have a wonderful time! all the best, Terry (in Vancouver)