Subject: Travel to Australia & the Great Ocean Road
Dear John

Melbourne to Adelaide via the Princes Highway is 906kms. The travelling time is 11 hours. If you take the Great Ocean Road it is slightly more kilometres (132 - total journey 1038 kms) and significantly more tiring - though certainly well worth it for scenery. We drove from Warrnambool to Geelong in one day and were pretty exhausted. I would strongly recommend a break before reaching Warrnambool from Melbourne - say Apollo Bay. I believe 3 days would be sufficient for the journey.

Kangaroo Island is fun but much bigger than I was expecting. A tourist site warns that a day bus trip on Kangaroo Island will cover 370 km in that day - the seals & penguins are at opposite ends of a quite big island! You might wish to be aware that there are quite a few unsealed roads and you will need to discuss these with your car hire company - car hire in Australia usually says you may not take their car on unsealed roads and if something happens the insurance won't cover you.

I assume you are aware that you can't get from Kangaroo Island to Tasmania using ordinary transport except via Adelaide. If you were planning to take a car to KI then you might go there before Adelaide and take the ferry from Cape Jervis.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia