Subject: Re: Don't miss South America
Hi, I have questions for both Cintia and Rosemary,

Rosemary: I'm glad to see that you are active again in TheTravelzine. :-) My question is, in which hotel did you stay in Iguazu ?

Cintia, I also have a question for you, although I know Buenos Aires very well, lived there many years, which hotel would you recommend now money wise?

Also we shall be there some time this Summer and might like to set up a GTG. (Probably first days of June)

I agree that South America has a terrific potential, great skiing during our Summer their Winter, the world wonder Iguazu Falls as Rosemary pointed out, sophisticated cities, great food, inexpensive shopping: world renown griffes, handcrafts, beautiful leather jackets and shoes, hand made wool sweaters, a first class Opera House, (the Colon in Buenos Aires), good theater, (in Spanish though), great symphonic music, folklore of all sorts, mountains, lakes, snow, beaches, wild life, the best polo in the world, and much more, all at a bargain price.

Graziella, Miami Beach.