Subject: Re: Hawaii Infor
G'day K.S. Chan and Fellow Ziners We lived on the Big Island for a couple of years. You will enjoy it for its unexpected size and solitude. The Big Island's land mass is over twice all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. It only has a population of around 200,000, whereas Oahu has roughly 1.5 Million. Honolulu itself has over 800,000 inhabitants. You didn't mention your budget regarding hotels. They are very pricey right on Waikiki Beach, but if you are willing to walk just 3 or 4 blocks to the beach you can find any number of more reasonably priced hotels. Bear in mind Hawaii is very expensive, everywhere, except maybe the Big Island. If you have two days on Oahu, hire an air conditioned car and drive around the whole island. You can do it in a half a day (with a nice stop for lunch on the North Shore). There is only one main road circumnavigating the island, so you can't get lost. Besides seeing Kilauea (go at night, carry a flashlight/torch and wear a windbreaker), you should see Waipio Valley (hire a 4 wheel vehicle and go down the road yourself; turn right at the bottom and go visit the unspoiled black powder sand beach), and Kona Town. Hilo is an old city and could be passed up for our money. If you insist on staying in Hilo, why pay the price for the Volcano House. Views? No, but there is a road you can drive all around and across the previous major eruptions and lava flows. Even a lunch at Volcano House will disappoint, unless you like Pub Grub. Better to just go late, walk on the lava flow area and drive back to your hotel in either Hilo or Kona. Kona will take 4 hours to get you there, whereas Hilo is only about an hour and a half away from Kilauea. Enjoy the islands. The weather will be superb, regardless of when you go. Well, there is the occasional storm or hurricane, but who's counting.

Safe traveling to all. Marghe and Marty.