Subject: Re: Travel in Slovenia

I am always interested in visits to Slovenia. It is such a wonderful and diverse country. This past autumn we traveled to Maribor from southern German by train to attend a conference. Before the conference, we rented a car and spent some time in the beautiful Logarska Dolina (Logger's Valley) area in the Koro#ka region. There were terrific colors of the autumn leaves scattered through the patches of evergreens. We stayed in a farm that looked down on one of the many alpine valleys.

It cost us 28 dollars a night (with breakfast of coffee, bread, jam, cheese, slices of smoked bacon). Since it was not the high season, the farmer's wife also had time to give us an evening meal (homemade bread, sausage, cheese, thick vegetable soup).

You can information on these farms stays from the tourist bureau. We picked up our brochure at the tourist office in Maribor and they helped arrange our auto rental. We stayed in the Hotel Orel in the old section of town (quiet, etc.) and within walking distance of the train station (15 minutes). They have a website.

We also stayed at the spa (near the Hungarian border) that Linda and Don mentioned. We took a bus from Maribor (about 1 hour). Lots of fun. At the spa, I took several walks. One went by a farm. The farmer that sold me was a very interesting fellow. He had me try his brandy made from pine needles or something. Very strong! After that I bought a liter of pumpkin seed oil! ha!

Happy travels to all, jane