Subject: Re: Amsterdam
Hello, We too found Amstelkring a really special and unique place to visit. We were also quite moved by the Resistance Museum which has an exhibit about people who survived by hiding in the zoo. If there are any machinery nuts in your party, Museumwerf T'Kromhout could be a treat. We thought the diamond factory was pretty much a waste of time. It appeared a show and sales opportunity for tourists only. I don't know about you, but a 57,000 Euro diamond was not in our souvenir plans. We didn't really see much diamond cutting or polishing which is what we were actually hoping to do.

We really enjoy the Netherlands and Amsterdam. If you are going to do a day trip, Delft is still one of our favorites. Haarlem and Leiden have lots to offer, too.

Have a great trip! Janet Riverview, FL