Subject: Argentina, was New Member in New Jersey
Hi. Ludmila,

Welcome, we lived many years in Buenos Aires, and go there frequently because two of our daughters married Argentinean guys. I shall be happy to answer any question you might have, as a starter I am recommending not to take any taxi in the street it might or it might not be safe. I was there on March and tried a few radio taxi companies the one I liked best was USTA ( Union Solidaria de Taxistas) they can be reached at 4383 7700 How are you getting into town from the Airport?, best choice is to order ahead of time a car with driver , called locally Remise' to pick you up. There are reliable ones in the airport but they charge much more. I called the remise company First, at 4765 7480 , they will be waiting for you with a sign, if you do not wish to go through all the hassle of calling ahead you have to hire one at the airport, the way to do it is to approach the kiosk of Manuel Tienda Leon and hire one but as I said they would charge much more.This means 25 dollars instead of 12-15 dollars/ Hope this helps. If you have time to relax in a charming enviroment a short trip to the Four Seasons in Carmelo, Uruguay, only 1 hour by a small fast ship plus a short drive and they pick you up, is a rare blessing. !!!!Great golf, the best charming small spa I ever saw and enjoyed ,local character, horse rides, good food, some old vineyards to be visited and not expensive. Graziella.