Subject: Re: Hawaii Infor
K.S. Chan:

I'll second Marghe's suggestion of visiting the Waipio Valley on the Big Island. It feels like time has stopped for awhile down there. There are several companies which offer horseback rides in the valley, which is a sweet & slow way to enjoy the scenery; the one I liked was operated by a family in the valley. The name escapes me at the moment, but if you'd like me to dig it up, I can make the effort!

Just 8.5 miles north of Hilo is a gem of a tropical botanical garden, well worth an afternoon if you like gardens. It spills down the hillside from the highway, so the vegetation changes as you wind your way down the slope from lush rainforest flora thru to salt-tolerant hardy species. The final loop is at the rocky shore with good sea views. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden When the smiling host at the top of the garden trail offers to spray you with insect repellent, take him up on it! It's a rainforest with ferocious mozzies, after all. I was happy to have my umbrella at hand as well.

Gail In Eugene