Subject: Best credit card for Italy?
Hello, Ziners!

I need some advice. My husband and I leave for Italy in less than three weeks -- yaaaaaayyyyy! -- and I'm starting to think about what form our money should be in. I've been looking into AAA's prepaid Visa card program (you can take money out of ATMs, and the card can be cancelled and replaced and so forth like travelers' cheques) for purposes of having some cash on hand -- and by the way, it's an excellent idea, executed really really sloppily so far. I figure I should bring a credit card or two in addition, rather than paying for everything in cash, but I'd rather not take every card we have.

So: what credit cards are most commonly accepted in Italy (western Italy, between Rome and Modena, mostly, if that matters)? And how common are credit cards? I've gotten so spoiled here, where everyone takes plastic--but when I spent a few weeks in La Paz, I saw one place that took AmEx, and that was it, as far as plastic was concerned.

I really appreciate all the help I've been getting from everyone-- you're terrific, all of you.

Sheila Potter Portland, Oregon