Subject: New York City eats
Hi Ziners,

Dan and I are visting NYC for four glorious days in May. We have our room booked and three plays to keep us busy. We know the city fairly well because we visit often, but I'd be interested in hearing from Ziners on suggestions on eating. We have been to many good restaurants, noted and otherwise, on our many visits and have a lunch time reservation at Les Halles. But that's only one meal and we want to plan a few others. Any suggestions? Generally, when we travel we like to have a hearty lunch (especially in New York because the evenings are taken up with theatre but we have two free evenings this time) so we would appreciate ideas from fellow Ziners. We'd especially appreciate ideas for Sunday brunch and we like ALL kinds of food.

Note: We've been to most of the restaurants in the Meat Packing District. We're staying in Greenwich Village but are open to any suggestions in Manhattan. After all, everything is only a taxi ride away. If there are any Ziners in NYC who want/can plan a GTG, we'd love to hear from you.

Lucy, Toronto