Subject: Re: Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania
G'Day John Rule and all Ziners,

OK - I live there, but I think you are doing well not to try to see Sydney (or Brisbane, Perth, Alice Springs etc)

New Zealand is worth at least 5 days, though around AKL is probably the elast exciting part of that magnificent pair of islands. Melbourne - well, tradition doesn't allow me to recommend it at all, but two days would be nice - look around the city, don't miss the revitalised Port area (South melbourne), take in the Parks south of the river, etc.

The Great Ocean Road is well chosen - no further comment on that, except that in this country 400 miles is not far - three days should do it, though you could well take ten and stop off many places on the way.

Adelaide is a nice but quiet city - Victor Harbour if you can fit it in.

Kangaroo Island - I think you might be allocating too many days though, there's not a lot to see once you've seen it.

Tasmania - four days will get you round it, though you could well spend forty days there and still be sorry to leave. I could recommend a few 'must-see' places if you are interested. There is history, as well as nature to see there. You really should take a car, public transport is not so good (only 500 thousand people). If you go across by ferry, taking your mainland car will cost very little more, the greatest part of the ferry fare is people, the car is subsidised by our national highways department.

Apart from all that, You WILL have to come to Oz again - you can spend a month in many parts of this country. Would you recommend taking in all of the USA in one visit (don't bother answering that)

Cheers and See Ya Later from Paul in rainy Sydney