Subject: Re: Narita stopover
Hi Bob, My husband and I love to go into the city of Narita when we have more than a couple of hours. It's just a short train ride (first stop on the Keisei Line) - I'm guessing at about 15 min (if that).

The temple is wonderful and it is surrounded by a lovely park. One time we were lucky enough to arrive on a festival day and there was all sorts of entertainment (including my favourite....taiko drummers). The street leading from the railway station to the temple is filled with shops and street vendors - quite an interesting mix of old and new and it makes for some enjoyable wandering. We've also found some great restaurants along that route. Last time we actually stayed overnight in a minshiku in Narita City and spent a good day getting to know the city.

Here's a great page that an American in Saipan has set up for anyone with a layover in Narita (which, for those of us expats on this side of the Pacific, seems to be quite often):

Enjoy! Judy in Hong Kong