Subject: Re: Hawaii Infor
Hello Kien Sing and other Ziners,

I too, like to have a room with a view, but in this case, I don't think it's worth it. I did go to Volcano House to look around, I don't remember the view as all that great and I was put off by the tacky hordes. At Hale Ohia, we were in a lovely rainforest, quiet, peaceful and beautiful, just down the road from the Park.

In Volcano we had dinner at Kilauea Lodge, I remember the food was pretty good, service not so good. We lunched at the Lava Rock Cafe, which also has internet service. Very good, and friendly folks. We avoided Surt's, a fancy restaurant with a terrible reputation among locals.

I agree that Waipi'o Valley is magical. Although we had rented a Jeep, we decided to hike down to the Valley. It was definitely a challenge, but worth it. Most people drive. I missed the Botanic garden but I hope to get back some day.

Enjoy your trip.

Elizabeth in Chicago