Subject: Re: PDA
Hi Ed, Thanks for your response. Perhaps you can help me with a couple of questions about the Palm Vx. First, do standard, off the shelf models of the Vx come with software that is necessary for downloading and reading Word documents, or is that something you have to buy separately? One of the things I'd like to do with a PDA, if I get one, is download travel information which I keep in Word, so that I'll be able to access it when I travel (vs. having to print it out); what I don't know is whether I'll have to pay extra for the software that will allow me to do this. Second, do you know whether the Vx memory is large enough to accommodate an ebook or two? If not, is it expandable (by, e.g., use of something like the memory sticks available for Sony Clie's)? Also, if you happen to know, is the Vx upgradable to the latest version of Palm's OS? Thanks in advance for any additional information you might be able to provide. JKJ