Subject: Re: Hotels in Waikiki
KS Chan:

As another Ziner suggested, the Kaimana Beach Hotel is a nice choice in Waikiki, as it is on the other side of Queen Kapiolani Park, with views of Waikiki Beach.

It's not to everyone's taste, but Waikiki Circle is a good location. Do note that it's popular with the gay clientele since it's close to Queen's Beach & Hula Stand & Lei Bar (popular gay attractions). I stayed there with my parents some years ago & they thought it was ok.

Just down the beach a bit from Waikiki Circle is the Park Shore, looking towards Diamond Head. Kalakaua Ave swings inland in front of the hotel & it can be noisy; there can also be tour groups coming & going, but you'll find that all over Waikiki!

For something quite different, look at the Hawaiiana Hotel This older, low-rise hotel is smack in the middle of Waikiki, but its cinderblock walls & mature vegetation mask a lot of the noise & dust. I love the old place, which shouldn't surprise any Ziner. It smells like the tropics.

None of these 4 are fancy or fine, & they've certainly seen alot of traffic over the years, but for convenience & good value close to the heart of Waikiki, they'll do.

And Marghe, I'd forgotten that once you get on a guided horseback trip down in the Waipio Valley, you're not going to see that wonderful, haunty black sand beach! And it's worth seeing too.

Gail In Eugene