Subject: Re: Athens Budget Hotels
Hi Didi,

We've stayed at the Attalos many times. It is conveniently located, the people running it are friendly and organized. They confirm reservations and they don't lose them; if they say they will have a taxi to take you to the airport at 3 in the morning, they have one. Some of the rooms (on the inner shaft) are tiny and not well ventilated. But if you ask for a room with a balcony facing the Acropolis, you are in for a treat. The balconies are large and it is great after a long day of walking to sit out there and sip a glass of wine and watch your own private viewing of the Acropolis sound and light show. Only difficulty is that so many people have discovered the Attalos that it's becoming very difficult to get in. Rooms are clean, lots of towels etc. and there is a (tiny) elevator.

We've also stayed at the Acropolis House. It is a nice location and they have an excellent breakfast. The rooms are decorated with really tacky, poor quality furniture and the balconies are tiny and ours was over the street. Our view of the acropolis was from a porthole sized window behind the door... We also had a very long climb up to our room on a narrow staircase. Everything was a mish-mash: in the bathroom, there were about 5 different tile patterns. Looked like they were using ends of various lines. I question the cleanliness of the floors...In short, the people were nice, it wasn't the worst place we've stayed in Athens, but I would not rush back.

Last year, we could not get into the Attalos on the way home, so stayed a few doors down at the newly renovated Hotel Cecil Once again, friendly, competent people who don't lose reservations; they do what they say they'll do when they say they will do it. Not all renovations were complete: they were still working on the roof garden and some light fixtures etc. But that was last May. Very interesting architectural features inside (archways and high ceilings and old-fashioned elevator with wrought iron.) We liked it there very much and if you can't get in to the Attalos, we would recommend it before the Acropolis house.

Any questions, feel free to email me.

Have fun, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia