Subject: Re: Hotels in Brno etc. Stonehenge & Edinburgh?
Hi Pierrette,

My reply is somewhat delayed as I dont get to read TheTravelzine emails regularly. It's been almost 2 years since I was in Brno, and am now here in York, UK since mid-March (from Sao Paulo, Brazil).

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Brno, and the accomodations are quite nice. The hotel is near the town center though and the street can get quite noisy, so make sure you dont get any of the rooms on that side of the hotel. There are also a couple of Best Western hotels, I suggest you check them out as well. As for the place sof interest, these are the ones that come to mind: the Old Town Hall, the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, Petrov Church, and the Spilberk/Spilberg Castle (once a prison). There're a couple of off- beat items/places as well if you're into that sort of thing: the Brno Dragon (a stuffed crocodile), and the Capuchin monasteries with a lot of preserved cadavers (!). Brno has some passable shopping malls and good restaurants/pubs too ( try the roast ribs with a cool Czech pilsen at the local pubs). You can always arrange for trips to nearby wineries, as the region (Moravia) is well known for this ( would be interesting to hear the French judgement!). If you're into nature trips, nearby are also lakes and caves though we didnt get to go to these. Based on my overall experience, Brno is one of the country's most developed places but the country has more interesting places for travelers/tourists: Cesky Krumlov, Karlstejn, Karlovy Vary.

By the way, I am currently planning a couple of long drives when I get some free weekends: one to go down to the Stonehenge, a second one up to Edinburgh. I will also have a 1-week vacation in May which I plan to spend in France. From other 'ziners' experiences, any advice or tips regarding interesting places to add to my itineraries are most welcome in return!

Cheers and Happy Easter to all,