Subject: Re: New York eats
Hi, What can New York Ziners can tell us about an article that come out in today's NY Times regarding cocktails as a new trend to the night out?

Apparently these days people go more and more to restaurants to have good cocktails in their bars, lounges and no formal dinner afterwards. (It seems that sometimes some small plates are ordered.)

Some of the restaurants the NYT mentions are: Citarella, on Av of the Americans at 49 st Verlaine on the Lower East Side, Blue Fin in the W HOTEL in Times Sq., Dos caminos Restaurants on Park Avenue South and in Soho, Amuse in Chelsea, Salt Bar on Clinton Street.....

As the Times says it seems that a cheaper, friendlier alternative has come to New York. It reminds me of Spain and its bars and tapas. I would love to hear from a real New-Yorker ... to know first hand what it's all about.

Graziella, Miami Beach