Subject: Galapagos and Paris
Hi Candice,

The first 11 days I am traveling with a group of friends. After that I am flying from Quito to Galapagos on my own. As far as I know the only way to do it is by a cruise. I have booked my trip on the Beagle for one week. It takes 12 passengers, I was considering a different boat, then I discovered that most of the boats interrupt the trip after a few days to go back into harbour, refuel and pick up more passengers. I decided on an uninterrupted week, have no idea if it is a good decision or not. Hopefully the snorkeling will be good and not too cold. I am not a very strong snorkeler which I discovered to my surprise on Fernando de Narhona in Brazil. Whatever it is, it will be an adventure.

Do you have some good suggestions for clothes shopping apart from the department stores in Paris and also some not too expensive but good restaurants. I work in a restaurant in NYC so I am a little fussy.