Subject: Re: Galapagos and Paris
Hi Fanny,

Yes, I've heard that the only way to get to the Galopogos Islands is by boat, and I've heard of the Beagle. Though I haven't heard anyting specifically good or bad about it. I'd love to hear about your trip afterwards.

I do alot of eating and shopping in Paris, so I'd be happy to share. In Paris, I tend to eat dinner in the neighborhood I'm staying in and that usually means the 6th or the 16th. I'm more familiar w/ the resturants in the 6th. If you're staying in that area, I'll give you mu list of favorites, however, if you're staying in a different area, there might be only a few that I'd take a special trip for, if you understand what I mean. If you live in NYC and say, for example, live in the West Village, you might have a favorite little spot you rave about. However, if you had friends on the upper east side taking taxi's or mass transit, then you might not tell them it's a must. Know what I mean. So tell me which arrondisement you'll be in so I can cull my choices for you. But no matter where you are, you should try Astrance. It's the new hot, high end place. It's on rue Beethoven in the 16th. It's pricey and worth every Euro! Also Helen Darroze has been creating a stir with her place in the 6th.

For shopping, it depends on what you're looking for. Aside from the major name boutiques, I like to shop on Rue de Rosiers in the Marais (4th). There's a lot of very funky clothing and housewares stores there. I love to shop in the 6th also - rue de Cherche Midi, rue de Rennes and all the little streets in there. Also, one block past Blvd St Germain is a fantastic shopping street - I forget the name now, but it's parallel and walk away from the Seine. I love Sonia Rykiel shoes and they're hard to find in the US, and she has a shoe store on that street. It's right behind her clothing shop on Blvd St. Germain. Walking west on Blvd St. Germain is the most fantastic umbrella store I've ever seen. It's pretty famous, you can probably ask your hotel concierge the exact name and address. In the 16th rue de Passy has some lovely boutiques, but not as lively or outrageous as in the 6th. Colette on rue de Rivoli has all the young trendy stuff. Groom Handbags in the 6th is a hot new handbag place with reasonably priced bags - generally under $300.00.

Give me a little more info so I can give you some restaurants.

Candice NYC