Subject: Re: New Members in Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Brian and Carrie,

Nice to have you in the group! I am a German member but have been quiet for some time because we had to cancel our travel plans for this year, maybe we'll have time for a few short trips during a long week-end.

> Sometimes this means a
> local trip, sometime international, but always
> with an emphasis on meeting and interacting with
> the locals. In the past year or so we have
> covered a lot of Germany

Where have you been? May I guess that you didn't cover the Ruhrgebiet and our lovely Muensterland? If I should be right: if you'd ever consider to see our region please drop a line to the group so that we can think about a GTG. OK?

> We are looking to share our experiences and tips
> as well as learn from others about their experiences
> and tips. That's why TheTravelzine looks like an
> interesting and valuable group!

OK, let us know what your travel interests are. See you!

Best Regards, Johannes Haltern am See, Germany