Subject: Advance Train Reservations
Hello Ziners! Our first trip to Europe is fast approaching (end of May). The hotel, car and airline reservations are all taken care of. Now I'm trying to decide what to do about train reservations. We'll be taking three trips by train: 1. Brussels to Tours on a Monday morning 2. Paris to Mureen on a Wednesday night (overnight, preferably a private compartment) 3. Mureen to Zurich on a Saturday late morning or mid afternoon My question is: do I need to make these reservations before leaving the US or would making the reservations once in France/ Belgium be sufficient? I could make the Monday reservation on the Saturday before, the Wednesday reservation on the Monday before and the Saturday reservation on the Thursday before. Would that allow enough time? I've also heard that better deals can be had by purchasing the tickets once in Europe. Any train experience advice would be appreciated!

Oh, one other thing. I know it's been mentioned that it's safest to wear a moneybelt under your clothes with your passport, credit cards and majority of cash contained therein. I understand that this is a good idea in the cities but do any of you feel it is necessary when visiting smaller areas (Mt. St. Michel, Loire Valley, Mureen)? Would I be ok to keep those things in a daypack or small purse worn across my body? Also, do you carry your passport with you at all times or just a copy, leaving the original at the hotel?

Thanks in advance, Jennie in beautiful, Spring-like Atlanta