Subject: Re: Advance Train Reservations
Hi Jennie,

You asked about moneybelt & carrying your passport everywhere. I've been to Europe many times (about 30!) & usually feel safer in the rural areas. But that's because I live in a rural area & just feel safer there. I always carry my passport & most money & credit cards in my money belt. Unless you put your passport in the hotel safe it is not necessarily safe in your room. Same with camera...always with me. Mt. St. Michele is in a rural area but the tourist crush can be terrific so the moneybelt's a good idea. Same with some chateaus in the Loire Valley. Have a really great time & hopefully keep your itin flexible enough to savor the joy of just being in Europe.

Monst Ziners know that I live in high desert country in Central Oregon. I've recently had life-changing events which I've shared with Linda & Don & will save for another email. But, just say, I'm enjoying life in the forest of Northern Idaho. Carol Bailey near Priest River, Idaho...also spring here, yesterday 70 degrees.