Subject: Re: Advance Train Reservations
Hi Jennie,

I would strongly advise you to book your ticket through for your ticket from Brussels to Paris. They have a website in English. It is a very popular and busy train. You do have to change from Gare du Nord to Austerlitz to continue to Tours. I would also reserve your sleeping compartment in advance. I don't know how the French railroad works, since they are online with booking facilities it should work the same way. In Italy you book online pay with your credit card and once you arrive at the station you punch in your reservation code and out pops your ticket. You can also go to the ticket window and they'll help you. European trains usually require reserved seats except for the small local lines.

I never carry my passport with me having had it stolen twice. I have a photocopy and my driver's license as photo ID. I also keep my credit card separate from my wallet and I use a handbag that sits very snugly under my arm. Then again I usually don't carry a lot of cash since ATM's are everywhere and I pull out what I need as I go along and charge my hotels, meals etc. This works best in Europe harder to do in S. America. Have fun on your trip and enjoy it.

Also in terms of how to keep your money do what you feel most comfortable with: My brother always travels with a lot of cash and he keeps some in his shoes before he puts his socks on. Some is in one pocket and some in another. He also has a belt that is a real belt but with a zipper for money. Make sure you bring a change purse the Euro coins have a tendency to accumulate.

Fanny NYC