Subject: Paris Restaurants in the 16th with children
Dear Candice,

Further to the thread started by Fanny (New Member in New York then Paris & the Galapagos) ...

We (with my husband and 2 children aged 10 & 12) will be in Paris in June for 2 weeks staying in the 16eme. I would be very pleased if you would expand on your note to Fanny on restaurants in that arrondissement or that are otherwise worth travelling to. I noted with interest the thread some months ago about bistros - particularly Allard - at the time (March) you said To be honest, if I stayed in another area, I'm sure I'd find another little bistro just as good. Paris is filled with them! You also recommended the Paris Zagat Guide.

Peter, my 12 yo, is very keen on cooking and experimenting with food - he makes up recipes and we all enjoy them. Accordingly I want to try and ensure we have some memorable dining while we are there but we are on a budget.

The Tour d'Argent is almost certainly out of our price range - well we could perhaps do it and do nothing else for the fortnight but that doesn't seem a useful option.

Peter has mentioned Maximes - he has seen it in the movies such as Gigi. I didn't note any children in the background though ... while Peter and Charlotte are well behaved, manage their cutlery, sit up straight ... I don't want to go somewhere that would rather not see children - life is too short and there must be other places. I have heard that the French do take their children out to dine - I am just quite not sure of the extent.

Frommers web site mentions baby bistros created to serve superb food at affordable prices by some of the well known chefs. They specifically recommend La Rôtisserie d'Armaillé.

I'd love to hear your opinions.

Thanks Anne Canberra, Australia