Subject: Re: carrying money & passports
Hi Ziners,

When Linda and I travel I carry our passports, tickets, credit & ATM cards, and money in a pouch with a belt loop that tucks inside my pants at the waist. It fits comfortably, does not show and is the safest way. Big cities and small towns and villages should be treated with equal caution.

It is dangerous to carry any kind of bag or purse. Even if you don't have valuables, you run the risk of being hurt if someone buzzes by on a scooter or runs by and grabs the bag off your shoulder or out of your hands. I have friends who have suffered from this experience. (Right Judy?)

I agree that room safes might not be a good idea. If the hotel has a safe, consider using it. It is a good idea to leave your copy of the safe key in your luggage, as suggested to us by Ziner Giorgio of the Hotel Delle Muse. If you lose the key, the hotel has to call a locksmith which takes time and you have to pay.

Better safe than sorry. Don