Subject: Travel Advice...
Hi Ziners,

We are leaving for a 25 day trip to British Columbia this coming Memorial ( USA) day. We will be taking a ferry(with car) from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert and we have been trying to decide about whether to add in a few day in Ketchikan, Alaska, OR visit the Canadian Rockies towns of Jasper and Lake Louise/Banff. On the one hand we can leave our car in Prince Rupert and just ferry to Ketchikan. Or we can drive an extra 500 or so miles and visit the Rockies (and the Glacier Parkway), which I know are supposed to be spectacular. Or we could visit some of the less visited towns close to Banff.

I am curious to discover what notions you Ziners have about this? I am not sure if there are many road warriors like me, but I know this group is the smartest and wisest group of travelers around! Whatcha think?

Amelia Hesson