Subject: Travelling, buying and cooking food (was Re: Paris)
Hi Fanny and fellow Ziners,

Travelling, for us, is largely about food and Sandy's message mentioning Patricia Wells brings to mind her wonderful cookbook Simply French - Patricia Wells presents the cuisine of Joel Robuchon. We often plant ourselves in a country for a few weeks, renting a farmhouse in a small town so we can explore the countryside. Our itinerary includes daytrips to local markets. Provence and Languedoc towns have market days (there is a book completely devoted to this, a Michelin guide to buying food). It enhances our holidays because we get up early with a town in mind. One fond memory is visiting the market at Ile sur Sorgue and being offered a raw mussel by a local fishmonger. With no hesitation about eating it, the fishmonger was charmed and enthusiastic about my wlllingness to do so, and personally picked choice mussels for our meal that night. He also told us where to buy the tastiest baguettes and fresh vegetables, and with a wine purchase, we were set for dinner.

With the variety of cookbooks available, we can have a meal in mind when we go to buy our fresh ingredients. The added value for us is that we buy exactly what we need for the recipe.

When last in France, we rented a house in St. Victor Lacoste on the Cote d'Or. I brought along Wells' book and we re-created the meals. The book has become standard in my kitchen and has led to many memorable dinners with friends who love France and French cooking. More recently, I did the same thing with another cookbook on our visit to Italy. Imagine finding truffels, fresh herbs and fish called for in the recipe book! We are fortunate in Toronto because we can find all of the ingredients, but anyone can improvise based on the recipes. Recreate the recipe at home and re-live your trip. I wonder how many other Ziners remember their trips through food rather than photos?

Lucy (hungry in Toronto)