Subject: Re: Paris Restaurants in the 16th with children
Hi Anne,

In the 16th, a great place to take the kids is La Gare. It's an old train station now a large restaurant. They have an large outdoor dining terrace where you can still see the train tracks.(my friends who live in the 16th stood on those very tracks everyday for school). The food is moderately priced and fairly basic - duck, steak frites, etc. Try their watermelon and feta salad if it's on the menu.

If you'd all enjoy Moroccan food sitting on leather pillows then try Al Mounia.

On rue de Passy in the 16th is a MonoPrix Store - there are several around Paris - and they always have a nice food court in the basement where you can buy some snack foods, breads, chocolates, fruit, wine, etc to keep in your room or to make some take-along lunchs to enjoy in a park. MonoPrix is the Paris discount store and their prices are great.

I'll email my friends who live in the 16th and have kids (13 & 16) for some more recommendations in the neighborhood. Yes, Parisians take their kids to restaurants and they are extremely well mannered. The parents don't tolerate fidgeting in their chairs or disruptive behavior.

Some other places around Paris I'd recommend with the kids are Laduree (8th) on Rue Royale. It's a very famous pastry shop known for their macaroons. Have a nice lunch there and save room for dessert. In the Marais (4th), on rue de Rosiers, have a casual, inexpensive lunch at L'as Du Falafel. Best falafel in the universe! Probably closed on Saturday's. You might be in the area if you visit the Picasso Museum. Avoid Jo Goldenberg's, it's just awful and overpriced.

On Il St Louis, there's the world famous Berthillon Ice cream. If you're visiting Notre Dame on Il de la Cite, bring sanwiches and have a picnic in the nearby park and then walk to Berthillion for dessert. Or, right near Berthillion is a nice, inexpensive crepe place.

Near the Louvre, on rue de Rivoli is the famous Angelina's. Their hot chocolate is world renown and not to be missed. You can have lunch there too, or at one of the nearby sandwich shops. Or you can eat in the Louvre which has some nice cafe's inside.

Maxim's? Don't bother. If you want to spend the big bucks on a fancy meal, there are much better places.

The baby bistro's Frommers mentions are generally a good bet. These are the less expensive bistro's run by the big chef's. They recommend Rotisserie d'Armaille but I've never eaten there, so can't agree or disagree. However, it's owned by Jacques Cagne and I've eaten in his other one, Rotisserie d'en Face in the 6th. I highly recommend that one. And it's right across the street from his signature place, so chef Cagnes bounces back & forth between the two to make sure that all is right in his kitchens.

Allard is great and the portions are huge so order accordingly.

Most dept stores have pretty good cafe's with well priced lunches. The one in Samaritaine is famous for it's gorgeous view of Paris.

If you wander into the 5th, you'll probably have a lot of inexpensive dining options because this is the Latin Quarter and it's filled with students on budgets. Here's where your Zagat guide will come in handy to rule out the bad ones. There's a street in the neighborhood called Rue de Huchette where you'll see ton's of middle eastern food stalls - gyro, falefel, etc. Lonely Planet Guide calls this place Bacteria Alley and strongly urges not eating here.

Wandering around the 6th in the evening is something your kids would enjoy - rue de Buci and the streets surrounding it, are overflowing with outdoor cafe's for dining and/or drinking. The restaurants I mentioned in March, like Allard, are all near here. There are also some great little tea rooms in some of the tiny back alley streets. Many of the restaurants along Blvd St Germain have prix fixed dinner menu's that are reasonable. Some even include the wine!

If you want to go a bit high end - but not over the top - one night, try Les Bookinistes. This is Guy Savoy's less expensive place. Go to and have a look at it. It's in the 6th, by the Seine.

Hope this helps.

Candice NYC