Subject: Re: Travelling, buying and cooking food
Hi Lucy,

I'm like you. I also relive the travel experience by recreating the meals at home. And while on the road I also love to visit the market, shop for the freshest ingredients, and then prepare the meal in our apartment. To this day every pear I buy is measured against the lush fruit acquired at the street market in Piran, Slovenia; every grape pales in comparison to the juicy Muscats purchased near the Rialto in Venice; every dish made with paprika is honored to be seasoned with the spices purchased at the Nagycsarnok in Budapest.

This time of year finds me preparing Tortilla Española and Ensaladilla Rusa, the flavors of which sweep me back to Barcelona. In the winter I love to prepare Csirke Paprikás (Chicken Paprikash) and Dumplings and remember the neighborhood restaurants at the foot of Gellert Hill in Budapest. And I can rarely prepare salmon without broiling it basted in maple syrup resting on a cedar plank, and thinking of cold winter nights in British Columbia.

Yes Lucy I enjoy looking through the photos of our trips but it is much more satisfying to taste the flavors of our journeys.

John in San Diego