Subject: Re: Travel Advice On B.C.
Hi Amelia,

Oh, do I envy you your dilemma. It certainly sounds like a great trip. I'm sure you must have your British Columbia Escapes Vacation Planner which you picked up at 1-800 HELLO BC or at , right?

As a full-fledged road warrior such as yourself I would love having the options facing you. Of course, as a road warrior you are well aware of the benefits in leaving these options open. A visit to Ketchikan would be a bit more relaxing (having left the car behind), on the other hand if your energy level remains high you could always head towards the Rockies. The beauty of this plan is that if something catches your fancy along the way you are free to make a detour. The Rockies can just be a direction and not necessarily the ultimate destination. After all you'll be in the middle of beautiful British Columbia any road you choose will undoubtedly be extraordinarily scenic.

John in San Diego wondering if he can sneak into your luggage before Memorial Day