Subject: Re: Travel Advice...
Hullo, Amelia!

The toughest decisions are always between 2 wonderful spots! Truthfully, you know you could hardly go wrong with either decision.

Folks who know me know that I would vote for the Canadian Rockies, though. I've been there twice. In 1998, I won a trip to the Chateau Lake Louise on Jeopardy! The only drawback was that the staff there made me answer everything in the form of a question, which wears thin realllly fast, I assure you!

But my then-boyfriend and I fell in love with this spot, and we decided to return there for our wedding last summer. We were married at Moraine Lake, on July 5th, after a morning snow shower, surrounded by 10 10,000 foot peaks. It was spectacular! But we also hiked and biked and inline skated and climbed glaciers and dined and enjoyed the spas.

Our travelog is here:

(And don't worry, you can easily skip the wedding part!)