Subject: Re: Travel Advice On B.C.
Dear John,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, I can really appreciate your perspective. In as much as I certainly need to let vacations like this simply unfold, I cannot help but want to read a ton of information, ask a ton of questions, and daydream like crazy about my future destination(s). It's an affliction I struggle with when it comes to travel....

I got two copies of the British Columbia Escapes Vacation Planner, I must have asked twice. That's how excited I am about this trip.

I actually have this huge (close your eyes Linda and Don) monster suitcase I took on my first European trip long ago. It will comfortably fit both you and Sara, In fact, you could sneak your Dog too!

Amelia Hesson in The San Fernando valley, but not for long (borrowing from Gail:)

>>John in San Diego wondering if he can sneak into your luggage before Memorial Day