Subject: Train Travel Details
Hello Ziners! Thank you so much for all of your responses so far regarding train travel (advance reservations). The tip to go from Brussels to St. Pierre des Corps was great! I'm going to book that today. It will save me money and allow me some extra hours in the Loire!

Now for what may be a couple of dumb questions (I'm truly a suburbinite with very little train travel experience!) 1. On our overnight trip from Paris to Interlaken (Murren as a final destination) the schedule shows us going from Paris to Basel from 22:43 to 4:56. Then from Basel to Interlaken from 5:50-8:14. Does this mean we have to change trains at Basel? It didn't say so but I just wasn't sure.

2. We were hoping to reserve a private compartment to sleep in. There is a T2-2 berths option listed under the second class section. Could someone explain to me what this is? It sounds like what I'm looking for but, again, wanted to be sure.

Thank you for all of your invaluable help in our planning! Jennie in Atlanta Counting down the days until Europe!