Subject: Re: Train Travel Details
Hi Jen,

Basel has three main train stations. Both the SBB and SNCF stations are located in the same complex on Centralbahnstrasse. The SBB station has trains to destinations in Switzerland and the SNCF station has trains to France. You'll have to change trains AND go through passport control.

[Additional Note: The DB station is located about 1km north of the Rhine and has trains to destinations in Germany. Tram #2 runs between the DB station and the SBB/SNCF stations.]

Re: T2-2 berths The SNCF site says: Second class compartments are designed for two to three people and come in two or three bed combinations. It would appear that this is what you think it is. Probably Dave Hatunen will know for sure. We have never taken an overnight train.

Regards, Linda