Subject: Re: Train to Florence from Roma?
Dear Paul,

Just as Marco described, we cleared customs at Rome airport, walked to the train departure area, and purchased our tickets to Termini station AND to Firenze. As expected, the first Eurostar to Firenze that would be leaving in good time for us, was sold out and the ticket seller tried to sell us 2nd class tickets on a later train. We asked for first class, and there was no problem: plenty of seats on the earlier train.

This had been explained to us by others, so we were prepared. I would do it just the same way again. We did have a little trouble finding the right platform but we eventually found it and had plenty of time to catch the ES. But that made me glad that we had allowed ourselves a little time at Termini instead of running for the first train that was departing after our arrival from the airport.

I hope this is all clear. I was happy that I was prepared to purchase a 1st class ticket to Firenze, because I would have been very disappointed when the ticket seller told me the train we wanted was sold out, if I had not known to ask for 1st class.

Leaving from Firenze, we bought our ES tickets a few days before our scheduled departure at a travel agency that we passed on the street near Santa Maria Novella, and we were able to secure 2nd class with no problems. This was just about 8 weels ago, although it seems much longer!

Also, even though the FS/Trenitalia website doesn't let one purchase tickets outside of Italy, it is great for time tables and finding the fast trains. I printed out all our options and had them with me when we bought train tickets. I had only done a very small amount of train travel in Italy before, and wasn't sure what to expect. But comparing Italy to other countries, especially England and the US, the trains were great. They ran on time and there were no problems.

Best Regards, Debbie in Pittsburgh