Subject: Re: Cell phones for Europe
Hello Callers:

I understand that T-Mobile is a GSM based system (Nextel also). As a result, in the US GSM coverage is pretty good in most cities, but lacking outside cities. For example, Vermont has virtually no GSM coverage. That will change, but for the time being TDMA or CDMA such as that used by AT & T, Verizon and Cingular has more universal US coverage. I solved my overseas call problem by obtaining a SIM card from AT & T and cheap GSM phone for use in Europe. Now, when my US cellphone number is called, the GSM phone will answer in Europe. Although there is a slight, almost imperceptible delay, the calls are seamless. I also get a great kick out of telling the caller that I am not in my office, rather I am in France (or England, Austria, or Spain) at the time of their call. Invariably, they will apologize for calling despite the fact that they could not have known nor it is their fault. ;-)

A word of caution. SIM cards issued by US providers appear to me to be a good deal more expensive than those issued by European providers. I also understand that you can purchase pre-paid SIM cards issued by a Swiss company. I have seen them on Internet auction sites.

Tom in Carlisle