Subject: About Hurtigruten in Norway

Thanks for the compliments on my page, Candice. I hope that it will inspire people to travel :-) I have been to New York in fact but it was only to take the bus from JFK to La Guardia. But we hope to visit it one day and the tickets are pretty cheap at the moment :-)

Yes, I have been on the Hurtigruten (the coastal boat service) in Norway but only for a short distance. But it didn't really matter to me because I have been in the Royal Norwegian Navy and I got to sail the same distance that the Hurtigruten sails (from Bergen to Kirkenes). It is a very nice journey and the landscape is beautiful on long summer days. And the ships that they use are pretty nice (I think that they built 2 new ones recently). More information can be found on

But if you want to see the Norwegian fjords you can also see this just by going to areas around Stavanger or Bergen. The most visited place here in Stavanger is the Lysefjord. It contains 2 well visited attractions: Prekestolen (the pulpit rock) and Kjerag (I posted a link to a picture from Kjerag in my introduction). Both are pretty nice walks and one can also take a boat into the fjord to see it from below. It is pretty impressive because the mountains on each side of the fjord is about 1000 meter high.

Regards Gard, Stavanger, Norway