Subject: Re: Train Travel Details

I found traveling on a night train to be an real experience. My wife and I got on in Chur, Switzerland at about 9:45 pm and traveled to Paris arriving at about 6:30 am. We had a private cabin with two beds high up near the ceiling across from each other. It was very soothing rocking back and forth and coming and going from stations. I don't think I got a lot of sleep but it was restful.

Then a few hours prior to arrival, we could not sleep, even though it was very early in the morning. We did not want to oversleep or not be ready to quickly depart. All in all, it was an interesting experience but I think that I will take a day train next time.

One thing: our cabin had a Pee-Pot for our use. Is this standard? I have not seen one of those in 50 years.

Good Travels, Mike and Fran