Subject: Re: About Hurtigruten in Norway
Hi Gard,

Thanks for your response. Yes, plane fare is cheap right now. Additionally, since the NY economy is not very good, there are some wonderful deals to be had for hotels and restaurants. If you can get away in the next few months, this would be an ideal time for you and Nikki to come visit the Big Apple!

Thanks for the information on the Hurtigruten. I looked at the weblink and now I'm even more anxious to go!

In your opinion, what do you think is start in the south and take the ship north or vice-versa?

When you say I can see the fjords just by going to Bergen or Kirkenes, what do you mean? Do you mean I can see them by visiting a lookout point on land or there are some local boats that will take us on a short tour for a few hours? (the way one sees Niagara Falls)

Thanks, Candice, NYC