Subject: Re: About Hurtigruten in Norway
Hi Cynthia,

I'm not quite sure I'm following your itinerary......

You say you took the Hurtigruten from Kirkness to Bergen.......

Okay, so is that from north to south or south to north? Any opinion on which is preferable?

Then you say Iceland...3 Oslo........

So you went from Kirkness to Bergen to Iceland to Oslo? Am I understanding you correctly?

I want to leave Iceland out of my trip planning since I've been there and will be going back. For me, Iceland is a destination by itself.

How long is the train ride from Bergen to Oslo? I'd love to combine some train travel in the trip.

When you say their independent tour #7, to whom are you referring, the Flam railroad line?

Re: The second trip over New Year's....was that on the Hurtigruten again? Not too dark to view the scenery?

I wanted to spend this past New Year's in Iceland, but Iceland Air stopped flying out of NY from Nov to April. :-(

My apologies for not following your post.

Candice, NYC