Subject: Re: Riverboat Cruises in Europe
Hi Ziners.

We tried a week's cruise on the Dutch canals in 1999. The route was Amsterdam, Schoonhoven, Gouda, Leiden, Haarlem and back to Amsterdam.

The ship was a tired old heap of rust and certainly offered no luxury, but apart from that the trip was great. It is hard to imagine anything more relaxing and revigorating than a river/canal cruise.

When sailing from place to place you can relax on the deck and enjoy the countryside, a good book or the company of your fellow passengers. In the Netherlands you sail right into the hearts of the charming old cities, and when you're tired of walking you just return to the ship (hotel). In Amsterdam we anchored right outside the central station, and that is about as central as you can get.

River or canal cruises are possible in several European countries (e.g. Netherlands, Germany, France and Hungary), and you can get discount or divine luxury. It is also possible to hire a boat and be your own captain.

Regards Eric, Denmark