Subject: PNW Hosteling
Hi Gail, I have been away (2 weeks in Paris, loved it, weather was incredible) so I just read your posting about PNW Hosteling International. I haven't had much experience with hostels but they sound really interesting to me. Last year when I was in Turkey I stayed in pensions, which I assume are the same think as a hostel. Is there anywhere on the net or somewhere else where I can search for hostels by city and get a brief description of them? Whenever I try searching for them I usually only find youth hostels and I'm a few years past that stage in life! Thanks for your help, Sylvie in Toronto P.S. I also wanted to thank Gard for his wonderful postings on Norway, I checked out your webpage and it was great. Ziners are such a generous group of people. Regards, Sylvie