Subject: Re: About Hurtigruten in Norway
Hi Candice!

We also did the coastal trip over Christmas several years ago. We were on the oldest ship running and did the round trip. It was great! There were about five or six of us booked for the long trip and the rest were locals coming and going for the holidays. Christmas Eve all the ships stayed in whatever port they were in and passengers and crew celebrated with magnificant food and local bands playing for us. We went to church ashore with a Norwegian threesome - couldnt understand a word but who cares! The Lights were fantastic and it was interesting to see how people survived with only a few hours of twilight daily. Towns were all lite up with artifical light and citizens went about their business. Most unusual cruise.

You'll enjoy whatever you do. Also will second the Norway in a Nutshell trip enroute Olso-Bergen. Rick Steves has a pretty good write up about it.

Cheers! jo in Sunnyvale