Subject: Turkey Info. + Accommodation.
Hi Fanny,

My wife and I are in the throes of planning a trip to Greece and Turkey during April/May/June 2004. I note that you have twice visited Turkey and we would be grateful if you supply us with details of your accommodation plus any other information that you so wish. We tend to use the budget to moderate type of establishments, and we usually hire a car when we travel overseas. Depending on cost we are looking at hiring a personal guide especially in south-east Anatolia.

To give you some idea, we plan to stay in: Istanbul Cappadocia Konya Diyarbakir Kas or Kalkan(Not too sure yet) Selcuk Fethiye. We would also like to visit the Black Sea region, but we may not be able to fit that in. If you can assist we would be most appreciative. Thank you.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield(New Zealand)