Subject: Re: Turkey Info + Accommodation
Dear Sue and Richard, My suggestion is to fly from Istanbul into Kayseri. It is very far from Istanbul and it is costs approx $95 by air. I had a travel agent in Urgup by the ticket for me and picked it up in Istanbul when I arrived. He then had a bus pick me up at the airport to take me to Ortohisar where I had what I thought was a room, which in fact was an apartment.I bypassed Konya and flew to Izmir to go to Selcuk and Ephesis. There are several different options to staying in Selcuk. If you have a car there are a couple of places on the ocean, which is fine if you have a car, or if you travel by bus in town itself. From then on I traveled by bus. I never did go to Eastern Anatolia so I can not help you there. I took the bus to Fethiye which I liked, I preferred Kas to Kalkan, it is a small very pretty town with many wonderful sites around it. To see the sunken city don't rent kayaks, you see it much better from a boat. Next visit for me will be the Black Sea coast. The Turks are really crazy drivers, they have the highest statistic of fatal traffic accidents. Yet I have friends who rented and drove cars with no incidents. I didn't want to since I was traveling by myself. I will send you my address list and suggestions back channel since it is pretty long. Fanny